Co-author Jerry Newcombe notes this: Through the years, as a producer for Coral Ridge Ministries (now D. James Kennedy Ministries), I’ve covered so many stories related to this—where Christians were discriminated against because of the supposed separation of church and state. For example, I remember an African-American woman who was kicked off a public bus in the pouring rain in the Pacific Northwest. Even though she was pregnant, she had to walk home in the driving rain. Why was she kicked off the bus? Because she was telling another passenger (who was interested) about her church. The bus driver said you can’t talk about God. Get off the bus.

I remember another story where a girl got an F on a history paper she wrote in her public high school. Initially she had permission to write about Jesus of Nazareth, but then the teacher changed her mind and disallowed it—while permitting other students to write about subjects related to other religions or the occult. And this discrimination was done because of the supposed separation of church and state.

One time a judge in Texas said to a group of ministers sponsoring a baccalaureate service that if any of them prayed in the name of Jesus at that service, he would have them arrested, thrown in jail for a minimum of 6 months. The judge said, “you will wish you died as a child by the time this court gets through with you.” This is not what the founders intended.

We wrote “Doubting Thomas” to show that misinterpreting Jefferson is how we got into this mess and what we need to get back on the right track.

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