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Dr. Mark A. Beliles, coauthor of Doubting Thomas? The Religious Life and Legacy of Thomas Jefferson (MorganJames, 2014)
Doubting Thomas? – The Religious Life and Legacy of Thomas JeffersonThe late Alan Heimert, Professor of American Literature at Harvard University and author of “Religion and the American Mind”, said that the evidence in this book provides, “truly new and original insight into the religious atmosphere of pre-Revolutionary Virginia, adding immeasurably to Thomas Jefferson’s own intellectual biography.”    Drawing from about 1100 religious letters and papers of Thomas Jefferson (of which over 100 in recent months have been printed for the first time ever – some in this volume itself), this book identifies over 200 religious leaders or groups that Thomas Jefferson either worshipped with, aided financially or corresponded with. While not denying the unorthodox writings of Jefferson late in life, the context of the vast majority of his religious correspondence and actions, and the unique religious culture of Central Virginia, show a much more nuanced picture that challenges both secular and religious scholars to reassess Jefferson’s modern image. Mark A. Beliles & Jerry NewcombeRetail price: $49.99 hardback and $29.99 paperback
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The Selected Religious Letters and Papers of Thomas Jefferson

Never before have most of Jefferson’s religious correspondence and documented religious actions been collected into one volume. The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, published by Princeton University Press, have yet to publish many of Jefferson’s correspondence from over fifteen years of his life. But Beliles has taken on the enormous task of bringing over 50 letters written by Jefferson into print here for the first time ever along with many previously unpublished letters written to Jefferson from religious leaders and communities of faith. Furthermore, entries from Jefferson’s Memorandum Books and other documents provide additional context to the correspondence. The work is valuable for scholars but also interesting to many readers interested in Jefferson and America’s founding era.[Note: A corrected index for this book is available by clicking here.]Edited and introduced by Mark A. BelilesHardcover only for $29.95

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