Jefferson and the Clergy

Most clergy in Jefferson’s lifetime were not antagonistic to him. Only later did this begin to be popular in some historical works of clergy. And similarly Jefferson was not universally opposed to the clergy. His anti-clericalism was clearly selective and focused, and for biographers to not make that distinction is …

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The other day I worshiped Jesus in the National Cathedral. I don’t think Jefferson (author of the phrase “separation of church and state”) would have a problem with that. He regularly worshiped Jesus in the US Capitol building on Sunday mornings. Someone might say, “But what about the separation of …

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Through the Years

Through the years, I have served as a TV producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries (where I am still employed). I have covered so many stories related to discrimination against Christians because of the supposed separation of church and state. Our new book shows that the separation of the institution …

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